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News Print/Digital Matte Release

Reach a Nationwide Mass Audience With Your Brand Message

You get placement of approved brand or product stories in respected media venues across the USA and pay only after being provided proof of performance.

  • We do not use multipliers in our reporting, so these placements are documented by either actual press clippings or online story placement screen captures. Our partners provide the reach metrics and the basis for our online access excel reports of reach and ad value equivalents.
  • Ones back office is strategically partnered with the Associated Press and several large networks controlling hundreds of tv, radio and newspaper websites, as well as local affiliates of Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc..
  • The Associated Press pulls every Client story into the newsroom computers of dailies nationwide and our Client stories ran this year in the Top 50 dailies including the NY Daily News, The Dallas Morning News, The Buffalo News, The Star-Ledger (Newark), The San Diego Union Tribune, St. Louis Post Dispatch, etc.
  • Our partners placed our Client stories on Top news media sites including: The Boston Globe Intl. Business Times. The Kansas City Star, NBC Indianapolis (WTHR TV-13), CBS Cleveland (WOIO TV-19), The Denver Post, The LA Daily News, The Miami Herald, etc.

Our pricing is all inclusive. Photo sourcing, SEO, video embeds, copy ideas are all included in our fixed price, guaranteed results proposals.


Depending upon your type of business, radio can be the most powerful, cost-effective way to reach a large number of potential customers. Reaching approximately 150 million listeners each day, a Radio release will be heard by an average of 12 million to 13 million listeners.

Much like a PR matte release, your scripts are written by professionals and distributed to radio stations nationwide. The ZD 360 PR Radio format is two, 3- second scripts under one headline. This provides two options for usage, encouraging maximum usage in limited time slots. Even better, two 30-second scripts will be combined to form one prerecorded 60-second script, written on the same topic, that is produced in MP3 format – it’s like getting three scripts for the price of one!

Each ZD 360 PR Radio release is prepared one month in advance and guaranteed to receive 400 minimum airings the following month.

Social Media / Social Syndication

  • SEMPO certified writing for Search Engine-friendly stories.
  • Distribution to 100+ social media outlets: Blogger, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, etc.
  • Full reporting package.
  • 100+ sites and 50 million+ total audience.

Promotional Add-On

  • Infuse your releases with a custom promotion from our expert Promo team.
  • Help super charge your releases and light up your phone room with time sensitive promos added to your ZD 360 PR releases (See additional costs on contract example).


Do you have video that you’re looking to distribute?  TV and video buys no longer have to cost thousands of dollars. ZD 360 PR offers a video syndication service.  You can also embed a video with a matte release, infographic or PSA graphic.

Video can run up to three minutes in length, and must be informational.

  • 4 out of 10 consumers will visit a brand’s website as a direct result of watching a video, according to ReelSEO.
  • 69 percent of users say videos are perfect for quick product overviews and explainers, according to Visibility IQ.


Supercharge Your Infographics Exposure

  • With today’s fast-paced, mobile mindset, producing content that people can process quickly is vital – which is why we know you are taking full advantage of Infographics.  After all, people are visual creatures.
  • Now, let’s make sure infographics are seen by as many people as possible.

Three distribution options:

  • Basic stand-alone distribution – includes headline, short introduction paragraph, and SEO for optimal pickup and tracking.  Traditional print “matte” distribution – includes headline, full 350-400 word story, and SEO.
  • Social syndication story distribution- includes headline, full 350-400 word story and SEO.

Reputation Management

In this day in age online reviews are one of the most important business tools, and what better way to keep them positive than using this monitoring system that ENCOURAGES customer reviews whether they be positive or negative and puts what the public actually sees in our control.  Positive reviews automatically get posted to the selected websites, (Google, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo!, ect…) and all 3 star and below reviews get sent directly to YOU to help rectify before going public.

Customer Feedback Into 5-Star Reviews!

Automated Followup and Marketing Features…

Reputation Management

  • ZD 360 PR is an online reputation marketing platform that automatically generates feedback from your recent customer and turns them into raving 5-stra reviews online.

Automated Customer Feedback Funnel

  • Automatically collect customer feedback and turn positive feedback into online ratings and reviews.

Company Branded Feedback Funnel Pages

  • Our editable feedback pages allow you to brand your company and edit content to maximize conversations based on your customer type.

Micro Business Website

  • Your optional business page is an additional web property that you control and lists all the pertinent information about your business.

Visibility Checker

  • We help verify the Name, Address, and Phone of your business listing across multiple directories to expand your reach and strengthen the congruency of your presence.

Real Time Feedback and Review Alerts

  • Use instant alerts to know exactly what your customers are saying about your business as soon as it happens.  ZD 360 PR updates you when new feedback arrives, providing you the opportunity to address any customer concerns promptly.  This helps diffuse a potential complaint before it has turned into a poor rating online.

Complete Reputation Email Marketing System

  • No Name PR is the only platform on the market that has the power to remarket to customers based on the feedback they’ve left you.

Detailed Feedback Reporting

  • With No Name PR, you’ll gain a global understanding of customer sentiment towards your company, monitoring trends and overall performance on a micro level within a specific time frame or employee.

Social Media Integration

  • Each year customers turn to social media to research local businesses in their area.  Ensure you’re promoting recent positive reviews everywhere customers search.

Feedback Streaming

  • Alongside of promotion on major review sites, stream your best and most recent customer feedback on our main website and micro site page.