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Who’s on your team?

Our back room partners have been a news content syndicator who has been in business for over 26 years and our media partner for over 39 years.

Who are our clients?

Our back room partners work across all categories of business: Health, Home, Auto, Financial, Entertainment, Travel, Retail, Holiday Gift Giving and more. If you have a great story to tell, you are a potential client. Our back room partners work as an extension of your already-established efforts, blending seamlessly with your current strategy. Our back room partners quickly and efficiently write and deliver your story to thousands of trusted news websites and print publications. All placement data is delivered through detailed reports, which include reach and ad equivalency numbers revealing the hundreds and thousands of dollars you saved by using our services. This is a very impressive report to show your clients, saving you much needed time to focus your efforts and energy on additional strategies.

Consumer Brands


Healthcare Brands


Why I should pay for news placement?

News placements increase your viewership by putting your brand in front of millions of consumer eyes across thousands trusted news websites. This exposes your brand to a broader general audience who might not otherwise notice.

You receive instant credibility appearing on well known news websites, and our back room partners do all the work.

Each story contains specialized SEO information to maximize online exposure for your website.

It costs far less than any other advertising medium, and can be included in any media plan.

What is the difference between us and a press release service?

Our back room partners write engaging AP-style news stories that news publications and websites frequently pick up. The decades spent building relationships with the Associated Press and thousands of trusted news websites and publications. Evergreen-style content also has a long shelf life, which allows stories to remain active for many months—sometimes years.

Press Release “wire” services simply send your press releases to news desks, but there’s no guaranteed pick up. When a press release is fed to websites, it lives there in a ticker tape fashion for only minutes or seconds until the next press releases bump it from the list.

What are the benefits of using us?

  • Have an exclusive partnership with The Associated Press.
  • Direct access to our editorial team.
  • Short turn around time, no long print deadlines.
  • No hidden costs for photo sourcing and writing services.
  • Comprehensive metric reports include reach and ad equivalency numbers.
  • Does NOT use multipliers in reporting—just pure circulation and Alexa figures.
  • We are Paid only on Performance!

A Few Trusted News Media Partners

Media Partners

Product Offerings

  • Newspaper
  • Online News Sites
  • Radio
  • Social Media / Social Syndication
  • Promotional Add-On
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Matte Releases
  • PSA Graphics
  • Video
  • Infographics