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ZD 360 PR is powered by the same backroom that hundreds of Public relation and ad agencies use… this is our secret sauce. We simply create, distribute placements and supply proof of performance, in other words we handle PR placements.

Your PR Company does not want you to know about us because we offer wholesale pricing and do not charge retainers or upfront fees.

We are Paid only on Performance

You work along side our skilled editors to create compelling stories in unison with each other. You know your company and your products, while we know how to write a compelling story, using the necessary key words to get you noticed.

We get them picked up and we can prove it (See examples of our proof of performance in our contract example)

When we prove it, only then will you pay us a wholesale fee per placement.

No retainer’s fee/No upfront payment.

Simple, Fast & Risk Free.

Once you approve the created stories, you will almost immediately start seeing results.

We don’t plan parties & events or do tradeshows.  We just get your article placed – period.  End of our story and the beginning of your successful PR campaign.

Go to the source and get started. Click HERE to view our contract and see how it works.

Here are a couple of key facts.

  1. Some agencies will put up to a 10 to 1 multiple or value on editorial versus advertising.
  2. Consumers tend to get more engaged in an article versus an ad and view it as news not advertising.

B-Hurd people!!! Start papering your walls, media kits, reach potential customers and websites now, with articles about you, your company and your products.

Risk Free PR + Paid only on performance = nearly a fail free formula!!

Your new customers are out there.  What are you waiting for?